Aircraft maintenance is a highly regulated field requiring an aircraft to undergo scheduled & preventive servicing, inspection, testing, repair, and overhaul or modification activities by certified Licenced Engineer/ technicians under a CAMO Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation on every aircraft in service. Safety and performance are the primary goals of aircraft maintenance, an effective maintenance program also maximizes the owner's resale value of the aircraft

Fixed costs will generally range from £1.6k-4k on the Annual £1k-2k insurance (Depending on your experience) Variable costs might be £50-100/hr fuel and the fund for the engine overhaul and the 50hr checks.

Continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) is a civil aviation organization authorized to schedule and control continuing airworthiness activities on aircraft and their parts. The scope of the CAMO is to organise and manage all documents and publications for Maintenance Organizations Part 145 and Part ML approved, like development and management of aircraft maintenance programmes fulfilled. A CAMO must also provide record keeping of maintenance performed. In other words, a CAMO is responsible to the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder.