Defects & Problem Solving


We know how important it is to get back in the air as soon as possible. We don’t want you to be stuck any longer than you have to be.

We will do our best to help if you turn up out of the blue with a problem. We’ll start troubleshooting and carrying out rectification as quickly as possible.

Should you need us for an ‘Aircraft on Ground (AOG)’ Service:

No matter where your aircraft is, or where it has developed a fault, we will arrange for our licenced engineers to get to you and get it fixed in the most efficient and timely manner available.

This service is available for G-Reg, N-Reg, LAA types, BMAA, BGA aircraft types.

We can cover Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, De Havilland, Eurofox, Evector, Lancair, Maule, Mooney, Nord, Piper, Robin Robinson, Rockwell, Rotorways and Socata plus a plethora UK permit aircraft

Please call:
Dunkeswell 01404 642024